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August 5th ‘14

mrbenwinston: A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”

GUYS zouisghosts and I met at the 1D concert in Atlanta. Blurry picture but it still happened lol I was so happy to meet Jen after talking for so long :)

Holy hiatus.

Man I miss you guys.

I’m so sorry I don’t come on anymore.

Since last time I was on I saw the boys in Atlanta. First row. It was life changing.

I always used to say I wouldn’t even get the chance to ever see them live but now it’s been twice.

I still obviously love the boys with so much of my being.

College just makes my ability to come on here so difficult. I’m always busy or sleeping.

I’ve lost about 1000 followers but those of you who stuck around I appreciate it so much.

If you want I can post my videos and pictures from Atlanta at some point. (Let me know if you do)

Again I love you and I miss you!

-Em xx


2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2 - show

cute to damn in 1 sec

Cred ♥